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Sep. 11th, 2008

Photo: My Oslo Photos

This is a new series I starting. I will give you one of the many photos I have taken around Oslo and tell you a little about it. I am sure this will go on forever, as I constantly get inspired by this city :)

Blue Paper Light by ~Helenert on deviantART

White Paper Light by ~Helenert on deviantART

This first one is from Stortorget in Oslo, the main squere. I loved the different lights of this place and did my first real shutter speed effect photo. I give you both the colored version and the white, since I can't decide which one I love the most ;)

Great Musicians: PJ Harvey

I am really a novice when it comes to Polly Jean, but I have loved the album "Stories from the city, stories from the sea" for quite a few years now, and it still give me so much that I haven't got as far as listening much to a lot of her other great stuff yet. This lady just shines of authority, talent, suduction, wit and intelligence. She just amazes me. She is one of those truly talented people that I am sure you just listen to when she enters a room. And what a voice and what a cool change of styles, and what a cool guitarist..

Here are some of my favorites so far:
This is love - On of the most amazing videos in rock female history and such a direct and emotional and "kick-ass" song. It actually might be some of the reasons why I wanted to start to play guitar in the first place ;)

The whores hustle & the hustlers whores: This is some amazing live video :) I love the rawness of this song and how cool she is. I can see how she used to date Nick Cave ;)I also love the wordplay of the title.

Man sized: Nothing to say. Just watch and enjoy.

Speaking of Cave. Here he is joining.. Henry Lee.. Or maybe it's actually she that is joining him. Anyways. Great song.

Last but not least: One of my really favorites: This Mess we're in, where she has got Thom Yorke to sing with her. It has been said that this was one of the songs that made Thom want to sing again after the whole crazy OK Computer shit. I love the beauty of his high and her love voice. Amazing lyrics too.

Sep. 5th, 2008

Musical Memories: Alanis Morisette - Unsent

Me and my friend was just talking about how songs can get connected to the different boys you have been in love with and what you felt at the moment. I have A LOT of these kinds of songs I found out. SO.. I'll just start of with one that is actually about all Alanis X boyfriends and I even used a part of it to explain to a boy once why we couldn't be together. I am not gonna tell you what part, but it still brings tears to my eyes when I hear it. So, here you are.

Friday Fun: People - 1 to 100 years old and love that lasts and starts

This is a very funny and quite amazing video that a friend of mine posted on YouTube. The people in the video are hitting a drum and at the same time they say how old they are. They cover everyone from 1 to 100. It is so exciting to see all the different people and at the same time how they gradually get older and older. It's almost like a map of mankind. Enjoy!

This is what the YouTube page says about the movie:
People in Order's Age is part of a series of short films that assembles the people of Britain in a given order. In just 3 minutes, we meet 100 different people who are arranged according to their age, starting from age 1.

The makers are By Lenka Clayton and James Price

AhA! I just realized there are more than one movie.
I found the other one on Lenka Clayton's homepage. The second one is so so so sweet. It's about people being in love and the length of their relationship, starting by the longest one. Quite beautiful. Watch it here.

Sep. 4th, 2008

R.E.M - The grandfathers of alternative rock (and what's wrong with Norwegian concert audiences)

End of the world from the concert. One of the highlights. I yelled Fine!! To bad it's a only the first part of the song, though.

Last night I attended my second R.E.M concert. I went to see them at Ullevåll stadion in 2006 and it was in the middle of the summer. Light summernight, big stadion, happy people and no one had seen R.E.M in Norway for a lot of years. For me, that night was a night of pure bliss. They played such a variety of all my favorite songs through the years. Even Country Feedback and Nightswimming. That was a whole other R.E.M in a way. They had also relased a whole other album just before that concert...

Last night was very strange in many ways. First of all the concert was moved from the stadion we went to the last time and suddenly (I think both we and R.E.M felt that) we found ourselves in the middle of a gigantic fotball indoors hall. It all started by The Diciplines. The bands front man is the man who used to play in R.E.M's backing band for several years: Ken Stringfellow, so that was no surprise. To be quite honest, I thought they were better then I thought but still quite boring. What was more alarming was the quality of sound in this horried bunker of a hall. After getting drinks and all ready we got up in the middle and found good spots, we thought, for Editors. They have been a favorite band of mine for the last year, so I was really looking forward to that. After about half of the first song, I realized that I could hear almost NO bass at all. So we moved... And we moved again.. And somehow we found a half ways decent place where we could see them and also hear quite well. After a quick smoking break it was time for the wait of the main attraction. At this moment I was so jazzed by Editors that I had almost had forgotten that I was going to see R.E.M. Let me rephrase that... I (!) was jazzed and my friend too. The rest of the crowd just stood there staring at the stage as a bunch of sheep. Really sad. Well, I said to myself. I am sure this will change when R.E.M goes on stage, and yes it helped a bit, but there where still about 500 people sitting down on seats high up in the walls, looking like hens laying eggs. And they hardly moved a muscle. I watched them form time to time and was just ... I can't even describe it... I just shake my head... Why the hell do you pay 500 kr.(about 50£ or 120 $) to do that??? I can't belive it.

Back to R.E.M themselves. First of all, I really really love the new songs, so I liked that there was a lot of them there and there was some good songs from the old time too. But the whole show lacked a bit of edge and thrill and amazement that I felt the last time. But MAN... they can play. You can see that they have played together for 26 years, and even more so hear it. They have this amazing dynamic and are so so so tight. They are the grandfathers of alternative rock. They can't really do anything wrong by now on stage.

I love Michael Stipe as a front man and I think he really makes a show live and lyrics come through when he sings. I love his little comments like "how the hell are you?" "I hate my goverment, you know that right" "You have gay marriages now right?". It's the same kind of politic thing as Bono, but in a so so more elegant way. U2 concerts can be a little overpowered by politics at times ;)

Last night though even he felt the bad sound. At one point he just laughed and said "I get so much reverb in here. My voice comes right back when I sing". So yes, the sound really sucked at time. How can we let legends like R.E.M play in such a horrible place like that, in front of a bunch of half drunk hens and statues of people. I can't belive it.... If you don't like the music, don't go to the concert. It's not a party or an event to get drunk and pick up chicks. Well .... maybe is when you are at the local community house somewhere in a forgotten wally of Norway, but this is R.E.M !!! Enough with the blasphemy.

As you can see below, the set list was a lot of new things and also a lot of great classics. I really wanted country feedback or be mine though ;)well that's what happens when you let Peter Buck choose the songs (according to Stipe he choose the songs). I love that they played Let me in and Horse to Water and

Living Well is the Best Revenge
Begin the Begin
What's the frequency Kenneth
Driver 8
Man-Sized Wreath
Hollow Man
Imitation of Life
West of the Fields
The Great Beyond
I'm Gonna DJ
Turn You Inside Out
Exhuming McCarthy
The One I Love
Let Me In
Horse to Water
Bad Day
Orange Crush
End of the World


Losing My Religion
At My Most Beautiful
Pretty Persuasion
Man on the Moon

And since I didn't get to see Country Feedback again last night, this is what it looked like a week a go in england.

Aug. 31st, 2008

Charlotte Hatherley - a great guitarist!

A few years back I started listening to a lot of Ash, but it was first about a year ago I realized that the lead-guitarists on those tracks was actually a woman: Charlotte Hatherley. Later she has left the band and got a solo career, but I still really love those guitarlicks that she made for the Ash songs. Tonight I also looked at some of her solo stuff and it's really cool to.

Great interview about guitarplaying.

Bastardo is a really funny song and a great cartoon video.
Making of Bastardo

Mostly her solo stuff is not as good as Ash though, but the guitarplay is genius as always :)

This is Shining light of Ash where I think she does some really really beautiful guitarlines exspecially on the refrains in the end. 1 (Look how little focus it is on Charlotte though she actually does more than sing and almost all the solo guitar stuff. That would never happen to a boy ;)

On Jules Holland though things are a little better. They always know the song before they film it ;)

This from Glastonbury is not so bad either

Cool interview, a little bit bad sound though :)

Aug. 30th, 2008

Radiohead webcast live from Sata Barbara

As some of you may know, Radiohead played their last show fra Santa Barbara live on a webcast to. I saw it. I was dead tiered, cause it was 7 am, and I stayed up all night, but I saw it, so here it some selected highlights:

Paranoid Android
15 step

More will be added when published on YouTube :)

Radiohead webcast live from Sata Barbara

As some of you may know, Radiohead played their last show fra Santa Barbara live on a webcast to. I saw it. I was dead tiered, cause it was 7 am, and I stayed up all night, but I saw it, so here it some selected highlights:

Paranoid Android
15 step

More will be added when published on YouTube :)

Aug. 26th, 2008

Great covers: Manic Street Preachers - Umbrella

Some songs gets a lot better when people do cover of them. This is one of those those times. I have always though that Umbrella was a little bit catchy, but when the brit-pop ledgends "The Manics" do it, it just became bloody awesome :) Have a listen:

Great songs: Majesty by Madrugada

Some songs just hit you in the heart and spine like a fist. Majesty by Madrugada is that kind of song. I just heard it randomly on my computer and hadn't heard it for a while and I want "oh... Majesty!" to myself, though I am home alone. I was in the middle of some work and has a lot to do, but it just had to wait. I had to write this.

From the first guitarchord you just melt and wanna lay down and cry of the sadness and beauty that is this song. Sivert Høyems voice is always beautiful, but in this it's a miracle. Kind of reminds me of a cross between Michael Stipe and the vocalist of Interpol. The song is so so simple, and really reflects the feeling of the lyrics when a relationship is ending or over and you just feel all empty. I have never met anyone that has never been touched by this song. For me it's up there with Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah and Elliott Smiths Between the bars. Sadly Madrugada's great guitarist Robert Burås passed away last year, and I don't know what will happen know, if Madrugada will continue or the rest of the members will focus on their solo projects. Anyways Madrugada is one of the best of the best bands that Norway ever produced. I am sure I will write more about them later. Look forward to a post in my Musical Memories series for that :) Until then, ENJOY and be prepared to be very moved.

Here is the song video, live, cd (Listen to the cd or live not only the video. Very bad sound quality on that one!)
, and these are the lyrics:
So am I
Good or bad
The way that things did turn out
I did only make you sad

And we cried and we cried
On the phone
Oh, but in my mind
You were never that all alone

Oh, you were majesty
Your roads were heavy
And your longing was cut from bone

So am I
Am I good or bad
Could only awake your anger
I could only make you mad
Now was that how you showed me
That you were still so young and bold
Anyway those fights did drive me
And I was dying of thirst and I wasn't growing old

Oh, you were majesty
Your ropes were heavy
And your roads were very cold
Oh, oh, oh, majesty

But in my mind
I could still climb inside your bed
And I could be victorious
Still the only man to pass through the glorious arch of your head, o-oh

Oh, you were majesty
Your ropes were heavy
And your cheeks were very red

Oh, you were majesty
Now it's like I said
That spirit, it's now dead

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